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Living Tomorrow Base Slab and Basement


More and more builders are opting for a cellar when building a house. Because the cellar has long been more than just a storage room or the space for building services. In the house of the future, the basement is increasingly being integrated into the living space planning, as a guest or study room, hobby, or leisure room. Whether tub, prefabricated, sandwich cellar or "just" base plate – when it comes to the secure foundation of your future home, depending on the specific specifications of the building ground, official requirements and individual client wishes, the cellar construction specialists from Living Tomorrow partner offer you professional competence, high quality and perfect scheduling. Thanks to the close cooperative cooperation with this ensures, among other things, that the basement or the base plate is completed precisely and on time before lorries with the first wall elements arrive at the construction site for the assembly date.

keller living tomorrow.JPG
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