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Modern gas condensing heating:

More than 100 percent


If you decide to use natural gas, the prefabricated house Living Tomorrow technicians plan a condensing boiler with a modulating output range. Two important technical advantages that our gas condensing boilers combine: The energy is used optimally and the low emission values ​​meet the requirements of the "Blue Angel" (seal of quality for environmentally friendly products and services).
With condensing technology, not only the heat that is generated when gas is burned is used, but also the heat energy that escapes unused through the chimney with conventional heating technology. The heat exchanger "regulates" this automatically and permanently. With this technology, condensing boilers achieve a standard degree of efficiency of up to 110% and are therefore particularly energy-saving. This functional principle, together with the modulating power range from 19% to 100%, saves valuable energy and also protects the environment through significantly reduced CO 2 emissions. In combination with a thermal solar system for hot water preparation, the requirements of the Renewable Energies Heat Act are met.
With the Ecomatic room controller, you can conveniently control your gas heating from the living room. Several time periods and the desired temperature can be individually defined for each day. It is just as warm for early risers on weekdays as it is for late risers on the weekend. You have your vacation reduction under control as easily as the extended day control if your guests stay longer.

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