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The air-to-water heat pump - energy from air

Whether outside air, ground or water, with the installation of a heat pump, we use the existing energy of nature to prepare hot water and convert this natural energy into heating. Operation is still possible even at outside temperatures of -20°C, and projected over a year, heat pumps save more than half of the usual heating costs.

Regardless of which medium the heat pump uses, they have one thing in common: they stand for reliable thermal comfort, the latest technology, independence from fossil fuels and low operating costs. Almost 70% of the prefabricated Living Tomorrow energy-saving houses are equipped with heat pump technology. Together with our clients, we counteract global warming and increasing pollutant emissions and rely on renewable energy sources.

The functional principle of the heat pump corresponds to that of a refrigerator. The only difference is the heating and cooling. With heat pump technology, the heat is extracted from the environment via the evaporator and fed to the heating system via the condenser. It is calculated that when heating energy is provided, three to four parts of environmental energy are accounted for by one part of electrical energy.

Reliable and effective

The air-to-water heat pump extracts the heat from the outside air. The underfloor heating (surface heating), with a low flow temperature and a small temperature difference between the heat source and heat utilization makes optimal use of this heat. Comfortable warmth and a pleasant temperature in the Living Tomorrow energy saving house are noticeable results.

The air-water heat pump can be ideally combined with a controlled ventilation system. Depending on the living space, combination devices consisting of a heat pump with integrated ventilation or individually supplemented components are available. All in all, the comfort and efficiency of the heating system increase noticeably for our clients. With additional modules for the heat pump, your living spaces can also be cooled to pleasant temperatures in summer. Intelligent controls automatically switch from summer to winter mode and can dehumidify the air with the help of a fan.

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