The wood pellet heating - in the cycle of nature

Heat CO2-free with wood

Heating with pellets means heating in the natural cycle. This is because trees absorb carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) from the air as they grow . If wood is now burned, the same amount of CO 2 that it needed to grow is released back into the environment. When burning, just as much CO 2 is released as when wood rots naturally . Pellets consist of 100% dry, natural wood residues, which are pressed into small, free-flowing cylinders. They have a high energy density and have the best energy balance of all fuels.
Here too, the prefabricated house Living Tomorrow technicians rely on modulating technology and particularly economical operation. From 30% output, the boiler only supplies as much energy as is actually required for the comfort of your home. So it does not produce any excess heat and thus helps you to save heating costs and protect the environment. You thus make a significant contribution to reducing the greenhouse effect and do not pollute the atmosphere additionally with CO 2 .


Pellet heating or log boiler

Both heating systems can of course be combined with a solar thermal system. You can control your heating comfortably and effectively from the living room. Analog or digital control modules take over the entire heat management of your heating system. They control and optimize the performance-based heat generation as well as the distribution for comfortable living comfort in your home.

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