Ventilation systems - fresh air for a healthier indoor climate

Prefabricated houses Living Tomorrow energy saving houses are characterized by a low heat requirement and low heating costs. In order to achieve the maximum energy efficiency required today, modern houses must be as airtight as possible. We achieve this through perfect insulation and insulation of the building envelope. Costly heat losses through the outer wall in the Living Tomorrow energy-saving houses tend to be almost zero. Using the so-called blower door test, the tightness of the house is verified.
In addition to a comfortable room temperature, fresh, healthy room air plays an important role in a pleasant living environment. A constant removal of air pollutants such as vapors, carbon dioxide released by people, water vapor, etc. is necessary for healthy indoor air quality from a hygienic point of view. Stresses such as signs of fatigue, irritation from pollen, headaches and eye irritation that can be traced back to "bad air" can be reduced by a suitable ventilation system. Allergy sufferers and those suffering from hay fever appreciate the reduction in allergens through filtering the outside air.

Ventilation systems - fresh air for a he