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Full solar power ahead


“Full solar power ahead” - this is the motto under which we combine our technologies for the consistent use of solar energy. We are thus opening the way for our clients to an ecological and future-proof energy supply for their prefabricated Living Tomorrow house. In the Living Tomorrow houses , the focus is on solar thermal energy for supplying hot water and heating the house.

The Living Tomorrow plus energy houses use photovoltaic technology to generate solar power. Depending on the available roof area / collector area, both ways of using solar energy can be combined into a holistic solar concept.

When planning a Living Tomorrow plus energy house, the Living Tomorrow engineers and energy consultants have a lot to calculate, as the aim is to achieve the highest possible solar coverage for the system. The careful calculation of the roof pitch and the maximum collector area, especially for optimal use of solar energy in the winter months, the correct dimension of the storage tank and the selection of additional heating during the heating season, play a major role. In order to stick to renewable energies, a pellet stove ca be used as additional heating. The combination with a ventilation system with heat recovery leads the solar energy system to a significant increase in the solar coverage.
The passive and active use of solar energy with a high degree of coverage combined with CO2-free additional wood heating is the right way to provide your own energy supply in the Living Tomorrow plus energy house.

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