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Living Tomorrow wood-fibre wall


  • A completely natural system with installed natural materials.

  • Thermal insulation made of light wood fibres with total thickness of 380 mm provides good insulation and thus prevents heat loss.

  • The 60 mm installation plane is intended to enable distributing installations without interfering with the air tight envelope of the house.

  • Excellent thermal insulation of the walls, roof, and ceilings and their vapour permeability.


01 Fire-resistant plasterboard (GKF)


02 Wood sub construction installation level


03 Thermal and sound insulation (wood fibre, λ = 0,038 W/mK) at installation level


04 OSB board with glued connections


05 Thermal and sound insulation (wood fibre, λ = 0,038 W/mK) between load-bearing   construction


06 Wooden load-bearing construction


07 Fibreboard


08 Thermal and sound insulation (wood fibre,λ = 0,036 W/mK) between sub               construction


09 Wood sub construction


10 Facade – hard facade fibber board (λ = 0,046 W/mK)


11 Reinforced mortar and grid


12 Facade layer – final

Wall tickness: 453 mm

U-value = 0,11 W/m² K 

Wall System Natura  woodfiber.JPG
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