You’ve made the decision to build a house – now the next question is: do we get a solid construction or prefabricated house? If the latter still had a controversial reputation 20 years ago, the tide has now turned. A high-quality prefabricated house is no longer inferior to a solid house in terms of quality, individuality and living comfort. On the contrary, it even offers some clear advantages:
1. Fixed construction costs
From a financial point of view, the special advantage for the builder lies in the fixed price that many prefabricated house companies – such as Living Tomorrow – offer to their customers. This fixed-price guarantee not only provides planning certainty, but also facilitates financing. Builders can calculate better and the delivery rates are lower. So money can often be saved.
With a prefabricated house, you save time and work – without sacrificing individuality and quality.

2. Faster to home
On the fastest way into your own four walls: not only a great feeling for expectant builders, but also a decisive cost factor. While the construction of a massive house often takes three-quarters of a year, a prefabricated house is built within a few days – sometimes on a single one. This reduces the double burden of rent and loan interest for the client. At the same time, the short construction time also means less effort and nervous strain, as the usual months long site visits and tradesman talks are eliminated.
In our customer guide you can see what the timing of the construction of your Living Tomorrow house looks like.
3. Reduced weather risk during the construction phase
The shell of a prefabricated house is built independently of the weather. Due to the prefabrication of the basic construction in a hall, the structure is directly dry. On the construction site, therefore, the craftsmen can start immediately. A solid house, on the other hand, takes a lot of time to dry.
4. Inspiration through model houses
Most builders initially have only a rough idea of what their dream home might look like. Visiting the best prefabricated house factories in Germany is a good place to look at model houses, which every prefabricated house manufacturer presents either in model house parks or near their own factory. The visit helps to concertize the idea of your own individual house and you get numerous inspiring ideas.

5. Less work for the builder
Builders of prefabricated houses get a lot of weight. A reputable prefabricated house manufacturer takes over the complete coordination of all trades on the construction site and also takes care of numerous applications from offices and authorities. This saves you a lot of time and effort.



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